RISQS Consulting

Is your organisation looking to become a RISQS Approved Supplier?

Are you already registered and looking to increase the RICCL codes you already hold?

If so, BN SHE Consultancy Ltd are experts in the RISQS accreditation process. Our consultants have a wealth of experience and knowledge in this area, and our team includes RISQS auditors.

If you are seeking to achieve qualification via audit, or increasing your current RICCL codes maybe we can help. Our consultants have the experience and knowledge of the process to guide your business to successful verification.

Industry Minimum Requirements (IMR)

Following the changes in January 2014 from Link-up to RISQS,  all companies are now required to undergo the IMR module. The IMR is a combination of elements from ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018 (the IMR will not satisfy certification to these ISO standards alone).

The IMR will ensure your organisation has the required management systems in place to meet the RISQS IMR protocol.

Sentinel Scheme

Do you wish to sponsor and train your staff in accordance with the Network Rail Sentinel scheme rules? To do this you will need to audited against the Sentinel Scheme protocol. Implementation will ensure your organisation has robust procedures that meet and comply with the requirements of the Sentinel Scheme Rules.

Safe Work Planning (SWP)

Do you plan access onto Network Rail Managed Infrastructure? If so, you are now required to be audited against the Safe Work Planning module for access planning. Documented systems will be provided to ensure compliance to NR-L2-OHS-019 issue 9.

Alternatively, talk to our partner PRB Consulting.

Plant Operators Scheme (POS)

Do you plan to deliver on-track plan operations? If so, we can assist in the implementation of the management systems required to meet POS protocol.

Whatever your RISQS requirements, we have the resource to assist your organisation through the audit process.

Call us on 07584 125 665 or email info@bnshe.co.uk to discuss your requirements in more detail.