Why a Mental Health Policy is important for your business

When people have good mental health, they are more likely to fulfil their potential. That means that family life, social lives and work all thrive. They often enjoy working and can cope better with work stresses and pressures.

Staff who keep quiet about mental health struggles or stress can be costly to your business. A study by mental health charity, Mind, found that 30% of people wouldn’t feel comfortable speaking to their manager about their struggles and 21% of individuals had called in sick to avoid work stress.

At BNSHE, we recognise that having a Mental Health Policy is important for any business who want to succeed and be regarded as a positive place to work. This led us to create our online course titled ‘Developing a Mental Health Policy’.


A Mental Health Policy is a way to define the vision of your companies overall approach to mental health.  By developing a policy, your business will highlight what it intends to do to support colleagues who are struggling. It will cover all aspects of mental health including, identifying issues, supporting staff and maintaining a healthy and safe working environment.

Having a Mental Health Policy in place shows colleagues and potential employees that your business sees mental health issues at the same level as physical health issues and understands the importance of supporting staff through any potential issues.

Following on from the pandemic, it has never been more important to listen to your staffs concerns and ensure your company has an employee-first focus to help with managing mental health in the workplace. Not only does this reduce staff stress and increase mental wellbeing, it will also lead to reduced rates of sick leave, increased loyalty and improved productivity.

Our CPD and IIRSM approved course covers the steps that an organisations should consider when developing and implementing a comprehensive workplace Mental Health Policy.

Run online, we ensure this course is informative and accessible to anyone from anywhere.

We understand that the traditional approach to training can be time consuming and costly. Sourcing a trainer, a venue and the lost time incurred by taking employees away from the day job can run into thousands.

Our training software can be used to track training records; information, such as when employees last accessed the training and whether they passed or failed can be accessed at the touch of a button.

Lists of candidates who have completed the training can also be obtained from our software and certificates of completion are available for download as soon as the candidate has successfully completed the course.

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