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  • What is Summer Seasonal Affective Disorder, what causes it and our top 5 ways to manage it this Summer.

    Summertime SAD

    Summer Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), also known as reverse SAD or summer depression, is a type of depression that occurs…

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  • What is Panic Attack Awareness Day and how can panic attacks be managed?

    Panic attack

    Panic Attack Awareness Day is on 10th July 2024 and is a dedicated day aimed at raising awareness about panic…

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  • How your mood can be lifted by the Summer

    Summer happiness

    As we enter July, Summer is well and truly here. We’re halfway through the year and for many of us,…

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  • How can loneliness impact your mental health and ways to combat loneliness?


    This year, Loneliness Awareness Week takes place from 10th to 16th June and the theme is “Random Acts of Connection”…

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  • How can a Tourette’s diagnosis impact your mental health?

    Tourette's Support Group

    7th June is Tourette’s Awareness Day. Tourette’s syndrome, commonly referred to as Tourette’s, is a neurological disorder characterised by repetitive,…

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  • How can we move more daily to benefit our mental health? 

    movement for mental health

    Mental Health Awareness Week is recognised between Monday 13th May and Sunday 19th May 2024.   It’s an annual event that…

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  • What is MH Awareness Week and why is movement important for our mental health?

    mental health awareness week 2024

    Mental Health Awareness Week will be recognised between Monday 13th May and Sunday 19th May 2024.   It’s an annual event…

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  • How does stress in the workplace impact performance?

    Workplace stress

    This month is Stress Awareness Month. Our previous blog looked at what stress is, but this blog looks at how…

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  • What is stress and how can it impact your mental health?

    stress awareness month

    April is Stress Awareness Month. Stress is a physiological and psychological response to events or situations that are perceived as…

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  • What is bipolar and how can you support someone with bipolar in your workplace?


    World Bipolar Day is recognised each year on 30 March which was the birthday of Vincent Van Gogh, who was…

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